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Zepeda Team

San Antonio Realtors Terry & Abel Zepeda

True San Antonioan’s: Born & Raised! We have 3 amazing kiddos! We have partnered not only in life but now in our Real Estate Career. Together we are able to better assist both Buyers & Sellers!

My experience in the Real Estate industry ranges from First Time Home Buyers to Retirement and anything in between. With 11+ years of industry experience, I am a New Home Expert. My husband has over 15+ years in the construction industry. Together we are able to provide abundant knowledge to help our clients.

My true passion has always been helping people so being a Realtor enhances the ultimate experience to achieve their goals. I have found what is most important in this industry is being knowledgeable in the process and guiding our clients.

Our responsibility is to offer the answer to the problem; the rest is up to you. I enjoy spending time with our family, movies and great food. My husband is a true sports fanatic and a die-hard fan of Texas Longhorns, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Astros and if the team is from Texas he’ll gladly support them! I’m a proud Roadrunner as a UTSA Graduate. San Antonio and surrounding areas are where our hearts are and will remain!

We’d be honored to assist in taking some of the stress off you by allowing us to help you through the process of selling, buying or renting!

Ronald Wuestefeld

San Antonio Realtor Ronald Wuestefeld

Ron Wuestefeld is more than just a husband, father, and former Army Infantryman; he is a dedicated individual whose life has been marked by a profound commitment to service both to his country and his community. With a decade of military experience including deployments to Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation New Dawn, Ron has exemplified courage and sacrifice on the battlefield. Upon completing his military service, Ron transitioned into a new mission helping fellow servicemembers and their families navigate the challenging path from military life to civilian living. For over 10 years, he has been a guiding force, offering support and expertise to ensure a smooth transition for those who have served. His passion for helping others has been the driving force behind his dedication to this cause. Ron’s commitment extends beyond the military realm into the world of real estate. As a Realtor-Associate, he employs the same principles of service and dedication to assist clients in achieving their dreams of home and business ownership. Armed with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business, Ron combines his educational background with practical experience to guide individuals and families through the intricate process of finding their ideal home and guiding them through starting their business. His involvement in both the local and military communities goes beyond professional obligations. Ron actively participates in various non-profit and state committees understanding the importance of community engagement. Ron served as the president of the University of Phoenix Alumni Association for 2 years. Ton takes pride in connecting with others who share a commitment to education and community building. With a rich background in event planning, Ron has successfully organized over 300 events, showcasing his organizational skills and attention to detail. Ron’s unique blend of military experience, business acumen, and community involvement underscores his understanding of the significance of finding a home. Whether serving on the front lines or advocating for his clients in the real estate market, Ron Wuestefeld is a beacon of dedication, integrity, and compassion in every role he undertakes.

Amber Vargas Delgado

San Antonio Realtor Amber Vargas Delgado

Amber Delgado’s impressive 22-year tenure in customer service and relationship management, primarily at Delgado Funeral Home, equips her with invaluable skills that are highly transferable to the real estate industry. Her career has been defined by a profound commitment to excellence and a deep-seated passion for fostering meaningful relationships, qualities that are essential in navigating the complexities of real estate transactions.

Her ability to empathize with clients, anticipate their needs, and provide timely and effective solutions has earned her widespread admiration. These skills are crucial in real estate, where understanding client desires and managing emotional decisions are key to successful outcomes.

Amber’s extensive experience in handling sensitive situations with grace and professionalism can greatly benefit real estate interactions, which often require tact and patience. Her dedication to exceeding expectations can help her excel in creating memorable and positive experiences for home buyers and sellers.

Outside of her professional life, Amber’s role as a devoted mother involves coordinating and supporting various activities for her children, skills that enhance her ability to manage multiple real estate transactions simultaneously. Her commitment to personal wellness through exercise also speaks to her discipline and energy, traits that are beneficial for the demanding pace of real estate work.

Moreover, Amber’s passion for continuous learning through reading can be directed towards staying updated with market trends and legal aspects of real estate, ensuring she provides the best advice and service. Her deep-rooted faith and commitment to integrity align perfectly with the ethical dealings required in real estate.

In every respect, Amber Delgado’s background in customer service and her holistic approach to life provide a solid foundation for a successful and fulfilling career in real estate.

Real Estate Horacio

San Antonio Realtor Horacio Hernandez

Since I was young, I was intrigued with Real Estate; my dad, a financial advisor and real estate investor taught me valuable lessons along the way, but it was not until my wife, and I bought our first family home that I developed a genuine and passionate interest for Real Estate.

That first home journey was what motivated me to become a Realtor; my wife and I experienced in flesh the overwhelming process of purchasing a home: Applying for a mortgage, get bombarded with hundreds of new terms, financial numbers that no one could explain, negotiations, inspections, repairs; you name it.

Don’t worry, I won’t let you that happen to you. If this is your first real transaction or if you are an experienced Real Estate investor building a Real Estate Emporium, I got you! I will guide you through the entire process until closing.

Besides my Real Estate License, I hold a bachelor’s in business administration, an MBA with a major in finance and I’m a certified Project Manager (PMP). Those credentials plus the experience I have gained over the years of working in different industries represent a unique combination of disciplines that I leverage on your benefit. 

I’m honest, and I conduct myself on the high level of integrity and honor the trust my clients put in me.

Andrea Rodriguez

San Antonio Realtor Andrea Rodriguez

210-781-2180 Hablo español 

My name is Andrea Rodriguez, and I am your dedicated real estate professional, committed to helping you find your dream property. As your agent, I prioritize understanding your needs and preferences to deliver personalized solutions. I pride myself on building lasting relationships based on trust, integrity, and results. With a passion for real estate and a focus on client satisfaction, I am here to guide you through every step of the process with professionalism and expertise. Let’s work together to make your real estate goals a reality. 



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