Creating A Productive Atmosphere While You Stay Home

Creating A Productive
Atmosphere While You #STAYHOME

In countless homes across the country and the world, there has been a major
shift to working from home – even for students. If you are working from home
and trying to manage your children being home and doing school work, you
may be at a loss when it comes to ensuring productivity. With a television
across the room and no boss or teacher hovering, distraction comes easily.
Here are some tips to create a space that enables productivity!

1. Light up your space!

Letting in as much natural light as possible to your at-home work space is the
first step to making a better place to get things done. Your body works best
with natural light because of circadian rhythms, which tell your brain to be
awake and productive when natural light is around you. Natural light will help
you feel alert and the vitamin D you will get from opening those windows will

help boost your immune system.

2. Add minimalist decor!

You don’t want to crowd your work space, but it is important to decorate your
space in a way that you will enjoy. Having a clean, organized space with a few
quirks that will make you smile – like a favorite photo.  Make sure any items
you will need, like pens and highlighters, are within reach, so you are more

motivated to stay put!

3. Make your work space only a work space.

It is important to train your brain to differentiate when it is time to work and
when it is not. When we drive to work or school, it is natural for us to switch
into ‘working’ mode, but when we work from home, it is hard to get into that
mode. By only sitting in your work space when it is time to get things done,
you will train your brain to be more productive when you are in that space.

4. Manage your cell phone use.

While you may need your phone to make work calls or check in with your
teacher, it is important to set boundaries and stick to them. If you find yourself
constantly wanting to scroll through social media instead of getting work done,
try download an app that will limit your social media access each hour. If you
don’t need your phone for work or school,

April 22, 2020

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